Some Kind Words From My Clients/Families

Read what some parents have to say about what I do at The fun house family day care in Stanhope Gardens, New South Wales. If you wish to learn more about my day care programme, feel free to contact me by phone or email.

When I was looking around for a family day care for my daughter Hamsini, I found very good reviews about Poonam and always wanted to send my daughter only there, I waited half a year before finally getting a place with her and my daughter has been attending Poonam’s family day care since July 2012.

I can honestly say that I haven't had one complaint. I can go to work trusting my daughter was properly taken care of in a safe and educational environment. It really is my child's home away from home with supervised activities whilst maintaining their own daily routines.

My daughter enjoys the intimacy and the attention she gets from Poonam and considers her as one of our own family member and every day she is excited to go to Poonam rather than stay at home, she made her first best friends at Poonam’s.

Poonam had been very nice with my daughter who is a very picky eater and would feed her patiently. After going to Poonam my daughter has improved a lot in her communication skills and other learning activities, she has started to read and write numbers and alphabets.

She enjoys the painting, singing rhymes and songs. Poonam always keeps me updated on my children’s progress and her daily activities. Poonam have been very understanding of occasional late drops and late pickups.

--Sri Mandapati

Every evening when my son returns from THE FUN HOUSE , I ask him “how was your day?” and he replies, “ I like MY AUNTY'' and that gives me the reassurance and peace of mind which no recommendation or testimonial could ever provide.

Raian has been going to Poonam's place since he was only 8 months old and now he is 3 years old and has become a sweet natured, intelligent, disciplined, considerate young person and a lot of the credit goes to his aunty Poonam for that.

He has learned social skills like playing with other children, not hitting them, sharing, having a laugh together, independent skills such as eating on his own, putting on his socks, shoes, tidying up after playtime and much more. He enjoys the games that he plays at aunty Poonam like puzzles, painting, learning alphabets, rhymes, numbers and so on.

The best thing that I have noticed about Poonam is that her activity changes as per the age group. She follows a very structured programme which matches the right activity with the right age group of the children and hence the children learn those skills and also have fun while doing so.

Poonam keeps a very open channel of communication and keeps us up to date with all the rules and regulation that we need to follow as parents keeping children at the family day care.

She is very professional and takes her work very seriously, she is always reading about new ways to improve caring for kids and provides me with articles, books, reading materials or websites whenever she comes across a good topic dealing with children, be it nutrition for kids, play ideas, good bargain to buy books for them etc.

She keeps me informed about all of the development milestones of my son so I know when he started learning his shapes, colours, counting, drawing circles or learning to say please and thank you. Poonam was the one to notice that he has flat feet and we checked with the doctor and it turned out he did have flat feet. We also did a hearing test as she was concerned.

We have a peace of mind knowing that Poonam is there even if something has slipped our eyes. Her background in psychology helps us in the form of her suggestions, pointers in every step of the way.

When I was due to give birth to my second child I needed to organise someone to take care of my son when I would be in the hospital as I don’t have any relatives in Sydney. I didn’t even think of anyone else to keep my son I knew he wouldn’t be as comfortable anywhere else as he is with his aunty Poonam and no one would understand how he is feeling and what he needs

better than Poonam.

Poonam was the one who reassured me through my whole pregnancy, not to worry about my son during my labour or staying at the hospital, she would be there for him and she was.

I could go on saying how professional Poonam is or how much Raian has learned from her but the best thing about Poonam is that THE FUN House Family day care is a home away from home for my child and he is like a member of Poonam's family and what more can I ask for.

As he would say, “Thank you aunty Poonam.”

--Saima Islam